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A Lesson on Live Looping for Bass
Bass Lessons

A Lesson on Live Looping for Bass

Guest contributor Russ Sargeant shares this live looping lesson with us, on bass using Mobius software and the Behringer FCB1010. Introduction Solo musicians have a new powerful weapon in their arsenal, or rather access to technological advancements on an established idea. Live Looping has been around since the days of the tape delay machine. One of the most famous advocates...

New Albums

Andy Sheppard: Movements In Colour review

The following is a performance review featuring Arild Andersen (double bass) After always being a fan of ECM artists, I was thrilled to learn that Andy Sheppard, renowned Jazz saxophonist, was recording his first album for the label. There has always been a tinge of the ECM sound about the music Sheppard created – his sense of melody and rhythm...