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  • Dave Marks Solo Bass: Message in a Bottle

    Dave Marks Solo Bass: Message in a Bottle

    Check out bassist Dave Marks, taking a solo break during a Carl Palmer Band concert. We really like the loops he put together, almost as much as the soloing. »

  • Victor Wooten Improvs “Yesterday”

    Victor Wooten Improvs “Yesterday”

    Bassist James Ross sends us this video of him hanging out with Victor Wooten doing some improv to The Beatles’ “Yesterday” during rehearsal at The Pageant in St. Louis. Nice. »

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  • Nathan Hughes: Glove

    Nathan Hughes: Glove

    We thought Geddy Lee was the master at the whole playing-bass-while-singing thing. But that was before we stumbled upon this video of Nathan Hughes. Holy smokes. »

  • The Art of Solo Bass by Michael Dimin

    Michael Dimin is releasing his second volume of his Chordal Approach series of bass instruction books. The Art of Solo Bass goes on sale this month, by Mel Bay Publications. Mike told us via email, “The Art of Solo Bass covers using chords to enhance your already ‘happenin’ bass line, using chords in a comping... »

  • Miles Mosley: Voodoo Child

    Miles Mosley: Voodoo Child

    It is fitting Miles Mosley chose to cover Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”, since he’s doing a Hendrix-like re-invention of his instrument of choice: the upright bass. After all, it isn’t often you get an upright with wah wah, and distortion all at once. Enjoy: »

  • 11 String Madness

    11 String Madness

    And I was worried about moving to five… »