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Promotional Opportunities on No Treble — An Overview

No Treble’s incredible growth since our launch in May 2009 speaks to the high degree of relevance No Treble enjoys with bassists. You can put that relevance to work on your company’s behalf by adding your voice to what No Treble is telling bassists each and every day. There are several opportunities manufacturers of bass-oriented products can consider when it comes to reaching out to bassists as they actively search out information, news, and tips about basses and related equipment.

Sponsorship Programs

Forget traditional banner advertising and put the power of No Treble sponsorship programming to work for your company. Our sponsors enjoy click through rates that are up to 1000% higher than the industry average for banner advertising. Find out how it works — contact us now for more details at


No Treble is an ideal partner for contest programming. We’ll craft your custom contest to support key sales + marketing goals such as:

  • Collecting prospects’ names and contact information (opt-in only)
  • Driving traffic to your web site
  • Developing awareness of and interest in your new products launches
  • Supporting key retailers who you must keep excited
  • Supporting your field sales team or rep firm who are calling on retailers, etc

Find out how to put a No Treble custom contest promotion together. Contact us now for details on Contest Programming at

Test Drive

Test Drive, is a powerful marketing tool for manufacturers of bass-oriented products who want to:

  • Get their product demonstrated in front of bassists
  • Want to grab bassists’ attention and get them to joining their Facebook communities and onto opt-in email lists
  • Aggressively work the first steps in the sales process—making contact, developing interest among bassists, and cultivating preference for a specific product

Interested? Then you need to find out how Test Drive works—contact us now for more details on Test Drive at

Integrated Marketing Programs

No Treble is ready to partner with you on a fully integrated marketing program that will help your company break through to bassists in new high impact ways that embrace the power of:

  • Communicating with an intensely loyal readership of bassists
  • Social Media assets that have attracted and nurture a community of bassists that keeps growing day in and day out
  • Custom promotional programming crafted to support your specific sales + marketing goals and business objectives

Want an edge when it comes to talking with bassists who gather around the hottest online publication for bassists in the world? Then you need to find out more about No Treble’s Integrated Marketing capabilities. Contact us now for more details by sending us your input at

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