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Do you know your perfect playing angle?

DON’T MISS OUT: Ansir technology is a patented design technique that allows us to build a bass tailored to your personal perfect playing angle. You Will Play Better + Sound Better! To date, basses are built and designed on the horizontal plane. To play comfortably, traditionally designed basses must be held in ways that contribute to body stress and thus detract from your ability to play at the top of your game. Minimize Harmful Playing Stress Now: Learn about how Ansir technology’s proprietary system measures your optimum playing position and angle and then manufacture your personally engineered bass incorporating your precise personal playing angle into an incredibly durable, beautiful, and great sounding bass.

Only The Highest Quality Woods — the Ansir Commitment: We painstakingly pick through enormous amounts of exotic tone woods until we find the very best of what the market offers. We reject any sample with even the slightest imperfection guaranteeing your instrument will be flawless from both a playing and appearance perspective.

Customized to your body and style of playing: All Ansir custom bass bodies are first engineered to specifically match each bassist’s unique playing angle requirement and style of play. Then you decide based on your playing style and taste, which additional custom options you want: Ansir’s custom thumb rest cut-a-way or our bottom cut-a-way for slap players or flat top. The choice is yours. It all adds up to maximum playability, unparalleled comfort, remarkable sound, and stunning beauty. Forget fatigue and the rest of the drawbacks “one size fits all” basses force upon you, one night on stage with an Ansir bass and you’ll be glad you did.

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