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THE FUZZ – Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion

The Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion adds the filth to this titanic sonic duo. This wicked stompbox packs a massive variety of distortions ranging from modest fuzz to wild synthy tones. Dedicated Clean/Distortion Mix knobs ensure that the low-end is never compromised and a powerful easy-to-use interface guarantees that the sonic possibilities are endless.

Soundblox Pro Multiwave Distortion

The Bass Player Magazine Editor Award winning Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distoriton inherits the power and clarity of the original Soundblox Multiwave Distortion and adapts it to the unique frequency range of the bass guitar. Bassists can effectively combine complex chords and intervals with distorted tones — multi band processing eliminates the mush and allows each note to ring clear and true. The pedal also features single band processing for more traditional distortion sounds. It’s the perfect pedal for both the studio and stage.

Users have access to 23 modern and distinctive distortions and an additional clean boost/EQ mode. Distortion curves range from “normal” for relatively traditional sounds to “foldback” and “octave” for more aggressive synth-like tones. Each distortion type is further customizable via the 7-band equalizer, drive control, and separate mix knobs for clean and distorted signals. This advanced sound control alleviates the tendency for low-end reduction associated with most bass effects.

Six user presets, accessible via three footswitches, assist in the speedy recall of any custom tailored sound, and a traditional expression pedal input facilitates the seamless morphing from one user preset to another. A MIDI input allows external access to presets and parameters, and, as with all Soundblox products, it is compatible with the Hot Hand ring controller.

THE FUNK – Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter

The Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter adds a colossal punch to this hard hitting tandem, pushing the boundaries of bass effects with its slew of filter types routed through three distinct modulation sources: envelope, selectable waveform LFO, and our unique Hot Hand motion-sensing ring. Features like our signature Lo-Retain Wet/Dry algorithm will add some serious funk and heavy bottom to your sonic arsenal.

Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter

The Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter is an evolution of its hugely popular predecessor, the standard Soundblox BEF. As before, there are 21 different envelope filter effects to choose from including 2 Pole and 4 Pole Low Pass variations, Single Peak, Triple Peak, Peak/Notch variations, as well as Phaser settings. Each of these settings can be further modified with a variety of control options including positive/negative filter sweeps, sweep range, attack and decay speed settings, or frequency range selection.

In this Pro version, users are able to choose from four different modulation sources including standard envelope filter sweeps, selectable LFO wave forms, a passive expression pedal and the Hot Hand motion sensing ring. An expression pedal input can be used to control filter modulation like in a standard wah pedal or a wide variety of parameters including sweep range, effect selection, LFO speed and more. As in our other Pro Series pedals, the BEF Pro features three footswitches to hold six customizable presets but also includes an option for Tap Tempo LFO on one of the footswitches.

Together, the two pedals have been a driving force behind bassist Mike Gordon’s spindly, deep funk sound on the road with Prince. In fact, the list of artists using the Soundblox bass pedals is so impressive that it’s practically a guidebook of all the world’s top bassists. To name a few:

  • Billy Sheehan – Mr. Big, Steve Vai
  • Victor Wooten – Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
  • Duff McKagan – Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver
  • Tom Hamilton – Aerosmith
  • Mike Gordon – Phish
  • Kevin Walker – Phish, Justin Timberlake

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Source Audio has quickly become one of the freshest and most enticing names in the bass effects universe. Since the release of their first dedicated bass stompbox in 2010, they have established a growing, highly committed cult following of professionals and amateurs alike. Their pedals have been a driving force behind bassist Mike Gordon’s spindly, deep funk sound on the road with Phish, they’ve provided the fuzz to Victor Wooten’s virtuoso sound on his recent SMV tour and they’ve become the ‘anchor of the sound’ for rockers Tom Hamilton, Duff McKagan and Billy Sheehan. In fact, the list of artists using the Soundblox bass pedals is so impressive that it’s practically become a guidebook of all the world’s top bassists.

Check out our Artist Roster to see what they all have to say about Source Audio effects.

Designed using proprietary state-of-the-art digital signal processors, the sheer power of Source Audio’s stompboxes have been a tipping weight in the seemingly eternal argument of analog vs. digital. Each pedal provides a bundle of meticulously designed effects within the category of one effect family and couples those sounds with a slew of powerful, but intuitive controls for maximum tweaking. Perhaps most important of all, these pedals are designed by bassists, for bassists and as such, always preserve the low-end using Source Audio’s signature Lo-Retain™ mixing algorithm and systems.

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Joseph Carrillo

Joseph Carrillo

I was playing my bass through my little guitar practice amp the other day. It had the reverb setting all the way up and it gave it a real neat sound. It sounded vintage and it had a lot of depth which sounds really good to me. Is there a reverb pedal that is made for bass to reproduce the sound Iwas getting with the little guitar amp to use with my professional rig?


Hi Joseph,
Was it a spring reverb on the amp? Which amp was it. There are a number of reverb pedals on the market. We have one in the works as well. I don’t know if any out there are made specifically for bass. Reverb isn’t typically an effect that needs to vary much between different instruments.



Who is this Kevin Walker that plays with Phish? They only have had one bassist since I’ve been checking….and he doesn’t also play with J.T. ;)



    I thought Mike Gordon was Phish’s bassist…

    I did find the Kevin Walker that plays for Justin. But he is no Mike Gordon. haha