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  • Rewind: No Treble’s Top 10 Stories Last Week

    Here are the top 10 articles from No Treble last week. 1. Video: Ain’t That Peculiar: Just the bass and drums This is the audio track for Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t That Peculiar”, with the James Jamerson’s bass and Uriel Jones’s drums isolated from the original Motown master tape. 2. Lesson: Efficient 20 Minute Practice This... »

  • Pete Wentz speaks on Fall Out Boy’s status

    Amid controversy on twitter and in the media that Fall Out Boy has broken up for good, bassist Pete Wentz says nothing is for certain, but the band has definitely not called it quits yet. “We need a sarcastic font for Twitter,” Wentz jested, “so you can type in that font, and people can be... »

  • Gear Watch: MXR Bass Envelope Filter

    Jim Dunlop has introduced a new Bass Envelope Filter pedal to their Bass Innovations line, the MXR Bass Envelope Filter. This box was designed for the classic analog envelope filter sounds with portability in mind. The pedal features five controls on the face: Dry, Effect, Decay, Q, and Sensitivity. Dry and Effect control your mix... »

  • George Smed: Nothing can compare to the sunset in her hair

    George Smed used to have very popular videos on Google Video, back when watching videos online wasn’t so popular, in the days before Youtube. His tapping-arrangement of Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” was perhaps his most famous video, but his original composition, “Nothing can compare to the sunset in her hair”, was always my favorite. »

  • Medeski Martin and Wood Tour Dates

    Medeski Martin and Wood have kicked off their 10 day west coast tour, beginning in San Diego, California. The experimental jazz group, featuring Chris Wood on bass, will be trekking in support of their recently released box set, Radiolarians: The Evolutionary Set. The collection includes the Radiolarian albums I, II, and III, a 10 track... »

  • Rotosound announces Dave Pybus & Billy Sheehan appearances for Musikmesse 2010

    Bassists Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big) and Dave Pybus (Cradle of Filth) will be performing at the Rotosound stand during the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010 event next month. Sheehan will perform at 2pm on Friday, March 26th and at 2pm on Saturday, March 27th. Pybus will perform at 3pm on Friday, March 26th and at 3pm on... »

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  • Math and Music – Equations and Ratios

    Previously in the “math and music” lesson we derived equations for expressing intervals as functions of relative frequencies. This week we’re going to define conventions for interval sizes and then derive three variables where we can determine the composition of any frequency ratio. Guess what – all intervals can be described as different combinations of... »

  • Darren Frate: 2:42

    What I love about spending hours browsing random Youtube videos is when you come across someone whose videos have few views but who clearly has talent and ability. Darren Frate‘s video was one of those instances for me. He seems to be one of those people who has it all, his videos both display melodic... »

  • Gear Watch: Ansir Amico

    Ansir Music has announced the release of their new Amico line of basses. The new bass, designed based on an idea by bassist Joey Green, is available in 4, 5, 6-string, and left-handed versions. Ansir basses are custom made using the bassist’s choice of woods and customized neck angles determined from the player’s measurements and... »

  • John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension to release new album

    John McLaughlin is releasing To The One, coming in April. The album features bassist Etienne M’Bappe and the rest of the current 4th Dimension line up, including Gary Husband on keyboards and drums, and Mark Mondesir on drums. The album is described as taking on the “artistic and spiritual challenges first offered by John Coltrane’s... »