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Recording Bass

Recording Bass: Giving Back To Musicians This Year

Travis Huisman took a break from his “Recording Bass”, but he did so for good reason. We love using our platform for good, and so today, Travis is deviating from his normal topics to share some important work to benefit musicians.

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Recording Bass: I’ve Tried It All… Now What?

If you’ve been following Travis Huisman’s “Recording Bass” column, you should have a pretty good understanding of how he approaches recording and mixing bass. But what happens when these things don’t pan out? Travis has the answers.

Recording Bass: Deep Bass on Modern R&B

In his past “Recording Bass” columns, Travis Huisman covered recording deep bass in pop/rock music. He’s been asked how to achieve this in R&B mixes since then. That's the focus of his latest column, with three different scenarios.

Recording Bass: Parallel Compression

For this month’s “Recording Bass” column, Travis Huisman dives in to the topic of parallel compression and how to incorporate it into your bass tracks.

Recording Bass: Upright Bass For Classical and Rock Music

Travis Huisman has received emails from readers thanks to his popular “Recording Bass” column. Some have asked about recording the double bass. In this edition, Travis shares some thoughts on recording in both classical and pop/rock settings.

Recording Bass: Deep Subwoofer Bass on Pop/Rock Music

In the early 2000s, there was a popular technique producers used when recording bass: blending in a subwoofer track. After some experimentation, Travis Huisman successfully recreated that sound. He shares his steps in this new “Recording Bass” column.

Recording Bass: DI vs. Microphone (Or Combo)

There is a long-lasting debate on whether you should record your bass tracks with a DI or a microphone. In this edition of “Recording Bass,” Travis Huisman breaks downs the pros and cons for each.

Recording Bass: How To Better Prepare For Bass Tracking Day

All of my favorite albums have a distinct bass tone throughout. That is not because they just winged it on bass tracking day. Bassists need preparation tactics ahead of time. Here are some tips you can use to end up with a better tracking day.

Recording Bass: 5 Tips To Make Your Recordings Have a Tighter Low End

Travis Huisman is back with another “Recording Bass” column. In this one he shares tips about avoiding that muddy (or non-existent) low end he finds in a lot of his client’s projects.

5 Audio Plugins To Make Your Bass Recordings Instantly Better

Recording bass guitar at home is not difficult with the vast amount of quality plugins available to you today. Travis Huisman breaks things down with 5 audio plugins to make your bass recordings instantly better.