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Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Sandberg Guitars Victor Brandt Signature Forty Eight Bass

Five years ago, Sandberg Guitars introduced the vintage rock-inspired Forty Eight model. This year they worked with Victor Brandt of Dimmu Borgir to create a signature version. Kevin took the 4- and 5-string basses for a spin in this new review.

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Gear Review: Maurizio Über Basses Miezo

Maurizio Caduto of Maurizio Über Basses (MüB) is a world-class luthier who is building some spectacular custom instruments in his shop in Malaysia. Vuyani Wakaba took the Miezo model for a spin in this gear review.

Gear Review: Epifani UL901 Bass Amp and DIST 2 1×12 Cabinet

Epifani has revamped its flagship products with the next generation. The UL901 is the more modern version of the already sleek UL501, while the new DIST 2 series updates their line of cabs. Kevin put them both to work.

Gear Review: Rotosound Ultramag Bass Strings

Tim Fletcher is back, but this time around, he’s published a gear review. Tim took Rotosound’s new Ultramag Bass Strings for a spin. Here’s his take.

Gear Review: Orange 4-Stroke Bass Amp and OCB410 Cabinet

The latest amp offering from Orange, 4-Stroke 300W Bass Amp paired with their OCB410 Bass Cabinet is a sweet combination bassist wanting an all analog Class A/B amp for both clean sounding or bit of edge. This a rock bassist rig without a doubt, but it really delivers on versatility. The 4-Stroke has a different pre-amp than its’ OBC series...

Gear Review: Ibanez SR300E and TMB2000 Basses

This review will cover two Ibanez basses that are by design apples and oranges, but maybe in side-by-side comparison help you to find a good fit that suit your needs. The SR300E-CCB is the more modern styled and beginner level variety and the TMB2000-TFL fits the more seasoned player seeking a classic sound and esthetic. Both are well built, came...

Gear Review: Orange Amplification O Bass

The O Bass by Orange Amplification is their first offering in the bass guitar market, aimed at appealing to the retro vibe market. It’s not hard to see the paring of an O Bass and a tube powered bass amp sonically. It’s definitely a rock bassist’s guitar, although you can get a pretty fat full warm tone for R&B styled...

Gear Review: Gallien-Krueger MB410 Bass Combo Amplifier

Gallien-Krueger’s latest line of combo amps, the MB combo series, has all the GK tone and power you’d expect from GK and some features that will really appeal to the “plug and play” musician. The 500 watt GK MB410 is relatively light weight at 49 lbs and has a streamlined black box presence. All controls are on the top and...

Gear Review: Rockready Volo Bass Gig Bag and UltraStrap 3.5

Working musicians who demand better accessories will be happy that Rockready is making a bass gig bag and guitar strap. The Volo bass guitar gig bag is designed as a lightweight case that is in between a hard shell guitar case and your typical soft gig bag. Leaning more to the soft bag side though, but with many well thought...

Gear Review: Sire Guitars Marcus Miller V7 5-String Bass

Sire Guitars’ Marcus Miller V7 5-String Bass really caught me off guard, more about that after the details. This instrument is definitely of the Fender-style design. The body and neck feel as you would expect from this approach. The Maple neck had that full rounded profile associated with J basses, and the Ash wood body felt familiar. What catches the...

Gear Review: Ibanez BTB33 Bass

Today we’re checking out the Ibanez BTB33. Ibanez has been making great instruments for decades now, and has been a mainstay for musicians in all styles. No news there. This bass is unique for it’s particular purpose, which is for the bassist that likes to solo, comp chords and be on the front line. This bass comes set up as...

Gear Review: Accuracy Basses Matisse Deluxe 5-String

Like any craft, the art of building basses takes finesse and attention to detail. Each contour is carefully considered and carved into the bass as a painter would add a stroke to his painting, so it’s only fitting that Accuracy Basses named their doublecut model the Matisse Deluxe after the French artist. Accuracy is a small bass building company based...