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Player News

Tom Hamilton speaks on Aerosmith

Tom Hamilton checked in with fans via a blog on, the official Aerosmith fan club page to discuss the band, past and present. He starts with what everyone has been talking about for the last two months: “I know, I know! ‘What’s goin’ on with the band?’ ‘What the hell are you guys up to?’ Well it all boils...


Soundgarden to reunite in 2010

Singer Chris Cornell has announced that Soundgarden will be reuniting after having split up in April 1997, almost 13 years ago. The group is still deciding among offers from several major festivals, but are planning a tour schedule, which will be set in place after drummer Matt Cameron finishes his prior engagements with Pearl Jam. Since the breakup, bassist Ben...

Bass Lessons

On walking: Connecting ii-V’s

Continuing this video lesson series on walking, Jon explores various ways to connect ii-V progressions; arpeggios, chromatic & diatonic approaches from above and below the targets, and changing tones (notes arrayed on either side of the target). Jon is accepting students via Skype video. Email [email protected] for more information. Be sure to check out Jon’s book, The Untold Secret to...

Bass Videos

Nico Assumpção: upright bass solo

Here’s a great solo by upright player Nico Assumpção, recorded in the 1970’s. Anyone know more about this performance?

Weekly Top 10

Rewind: the top stories from the last week of ’09

Happy new year! Here are the most popular stories on No Treble last week: Columns & Features Jon Burr‘s newest video lesson: “Walking: On and through chord changes” Donovan Stokes‘s The Lowdown with Dr. D.: Three Requirements of Attainment (Part 2 of 3: Teacher) Player Spotlight: Erik Scott Ask Damian Erskine: How do you go about promoting your CD? No...


Rufus Reid and John Clayton featured at new JEN Conference

Rufus Reid and Grammy nominees the Clayton Brothers (featuring John Clayton) are among the headliners to be featured at the first annual Jazz Education Network Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. The JEN Conference, which takes place on May 20-22, 2010, will also include performances by Marvin Stamm, Terrell Stafford, the Army Blues Band, Tom “Bones” Malone, Sixth Wave, and many...

Bass Videos

Marcus Miller: solo at Festival De Jazz De Vitoria

Check out Marcus Miller, along with Victor Wooten at the Vitoria Jazz Festival in July, 2009. Marcus once again pays tribute to Michael Jackson during his solo.

Player News

Johnny Grubb plays final show with Railroad Earth

Johnny Grubb, of the jam band RailRoad Earth, played his final concert with them on New Year’s Eve ’09 in Portland, Oregon. The bassist said in his blog that “the flame of my creativity began lighting a different path than the one that I was on with RRE,” citing that his love of computer programming had made him decide to...

Player News

Jeff Berlin pays homage to his musical mentor

Virtuoso bassist Jeff Berlin recently wrote a letter to about the passing of his beloved teacher, Charlie Banacos, who died on December 8th after a battle with cancer. Jeff had actually made the move earlier in his career from New York to Boston in order to study under Banacos after hearing stories of the amazing music teacher. He recounts...

Bass Videos

Dave Holland solo: Recorda Me

In 1993, Dave Holland took the stage with the Joe Henderson Trio in Muenchner Klaviersommer. Here’s a clip of Dave taking a solo during the song “Recorda Me”.

Concerts & Tours

Meshell Ndegeocello announces west coast tour

10-time Grammy nominee Meshell Ndegeocello is set to tour on the west coast starting in February following the release of her latest album, Devil’s Halo. On tour with her will be bassist Mark Kelley, guitarist Chris Bruce, drummer Deantoni Parks and keyboardist Keefus Ciancia. On Devil’s Halo, the bassist/songwriter said she wanted to focus on musicianship and live-band energy. The...

Bass Videos

Ani-Zoo: The Recital

Today’s video comes from Japanese bassist Ani-Zoo‘s DVD release, “The Recital”. We can’t find much info on the DVD at this point (we’d love to get a copy!), but you can check out more about Ani-Zoo at his web site.