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Russ Sargeant

Russ SargeantRuss works as a graphic designer with a local marketing company and based in Dudley, UK. His true love and main creative outlet is music. Russ plays electric bass, double bass, guitar and percussion, writing and recording in his home studio.

A passion for Jazz and diverse music traditions from around the world has always inpired Russ to create his own music. He is passionate about communication through music and believes it can paint a picture in the same way an artist uses a brush.

Russ started playing the guitar when he was nine and gradually became interested in the bass guitar which he started at fourteen after his Dad bought him his first electric bass from a pawn shop. He played bass with Wolverhampton-based pop band Mechanical Hearts from when he was seventeen until his mid-twenties.

Russ is an active Christian, playing at conferences and meetings in and around the Midlands area. He sometimes runs music workshops for local teenagers as a volunteer youth worker and leads the youth band at his church near Birmingham.

Over the last 16 years, Russ has visited numerous countries around the world including Albania, Bulgaria, Africa, USA and Canada. A highlight was being part of a band responsible for a run of concerts in Rwanda, Central Africa where music was used for promoting tribal reconciliation after the genocide of the 1990’s.

Various Christian recordings include The Celtic Source (vols 1 & 2), The Australian Source, Mana Kiza U Rwanda and Rabagirana Rwanda.

In December 2008, Russ completed a six-track solo album ‘The Last And The First’ which is a rhythmic blend of jazz, ambient and world sounds.

Russ is constantly working on new music and also enjoys collaborating with other musicians on joint projects. He is currently gigging and recording with local Soul/Blues band The Cohen Brothers.

Russ is married to the lovely Jayne and they reside in Dudley, UK.

You can visit Russ on the web at

Photo by Paul Baird

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