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Pedals & Effects

Ashdown Introduces Stuart Zender Funk Face Twin Dynamic Filter Pedal

Ashdown Engineering has teamed up with bassist Stuart Zender to introduce the SZ Funk Face Twin Dynamic Filter Pedal. The pedal is designed for simplicity in getting a funky sound that Zender, who was the original bassist for Jamiroquai, is known for. Its filter section has a Sensitivity knob to control the effect’s response, while an Output knob controls the...

Pedals & Effects

Morley Announces Cliff Burton Tribute Series Power Fuzz Wah Pedal

Morley debuted the Cliff Burton Tribute Series Power Fuzz Wah at the Winter NAMM Show this year. Introduced in part with the bassist’s father Ray Burton, the pedal is a tribute that blends aspects of the 70’s model used by Burton on the early Metallica recordings and the company’s modern models. The Power Fuzz Wah’s fuzz and wah effects can...

Pedals & Effects

Malekko Introduces Justin Meldal-Johnsen Signature Diabolik Fuzz Pedal

Malekko Heavy Industry has introduced the Justin Meldal-Johnsen Signature Diabolik harmonic analog fuzz pedal. The pedal is based on the Malekko’s B:assmaster circuit but is housed in a more compact chassis. Diabolik features a preset harmonic spectrum setting that the company says gives “crisp octave overtones and a very aggressive tone setting.” Its controls include a Fuzz knob, a Clean...

Pedals & Effects

EC Pedals Releases Michael Benson FuzzDriver Pedal

EC Pedals has joined forces with bassist Michael Benson to released the FuzzDriver, a stompbox that combines the company’s Bass Overlord and Angry Ape Gated Fuzz effects into one. The effects can be activated separately or together to create new textures. The Fuzz side of the FuzzDriver has Level, Tone, Gain, and Growl controls. Its Growl knob controls the gate...

Pedals & Effects

Ashdown Now Shipping Nate Mendel NM2 Double Distortion Pedal

Ashdown is now shipping the latest addition to their Artist series effects pedals, the NM2 Double Distortion Pedal. Designed in collaboration with Foo Fighters four-stringer Nate Mendel, the stompbox is a stereo pedal with two separate distortions that can be routed to different amps or combined. It has a single input and two outputs – one for each overdrive. Both...