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  • YYNOT: Etheria

    YYNOT: Etheria

    YYNOT has another video out, and this time, it features one of their original tunes. “Etheria” was written by guitarist Billy Alexander, and as always, sports that growly bass by Tim Starace. The buzz around this band is growing, which comes as no surprise to us. The tune is available on their . »

  • YYNOT: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx (Live)

    YYNOT: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx (Live)

    YYNOT has just shared another one of their epic live videos, and one monster cover of Rush’s “Overture/The Temples of Syrinx,” from 2112. Tim Starace looks like he’s having a lot of fun nailing those lines! »

  • YYNOT: La Villa Strangiato (Live)

    YYNOT: La Villa Strangiato (Live)

    Here’s another excellent clip from YYNOT’s Melbourne, Florida concert back in June, with one of my all-time favorite Rush tunes. “100% live, no overdubs… first time playing it after one quick run through,” the band shared. Once again, Tim Starace nails that tone (and handles the keyboard parts.) »

  • YYNOT: No One at the Bridge

    YYNOT: No One at the Bridge

    YYNOT performed another concert in Melbourne, Florida last week. Here’s an excellent clip of them digging deep into Rush’s catalog. From 1975’s Caress Of Steel’s “Fountain Of Lamneth,” here’s their performance of “No One at the Bridge.” As always, Tim Starace nails the bass lines, and vocalist Rocky Kuner is absolutely amazing. »

  • YYNOT: Hour Glass

    YYNOT: Hour Glass

    Big news from YYNOT: The band is getting ready to release their debut album. They just shared a new video with another original, which is part of the new record. As always, Tim Starace lays down the gritty bass lines on this one. »

  • YYNOT: The Spirit of Radio (Live)

    YYNOT: The Spirit of Radio (Live)

    YYNOT packed the house for a concert in Melbourne, Florida earlier this month. The band just shared this live clip of the event, with the band performing Rush’s “The Spirit of Radio.” Tim Starace handles the bass as always, as well as the foot-controlled keyboards (Geddy style!) »

  • YYNOT: Natural Science

    YYNOT: Natural Science

    YYNOT is back with a new Rush cover – and a new drummer. In this clip, they play “Natural Science” from Rush’s Permanent Waves. Joel Stevenett is the new drummer, and as always, the bass is handled by No Treble reader favorite Tim Starace. »

  • 2017 Reader Favorites – #9: Tim Starace

    2017 Reader Favorites – #9: Tim Starace

    We first shared a video by YYNOT back in 2016. But it was 2017 when the band really got going – not only with some incredible Rush covers but also some impressive Rush-inspired originals. And No Treble readers (and us) really dig the monster tone Tim Starace produces on each video they share. Check out... »

  • YYNOT: Something for Nothing

    YYNOT: Something for Nothing

    Our favorite Rush-inspired band is back with a new cover: “Something for Nothing,” which appeared on Rush’s 2112 album. As always, the tune features the monster tone by bassist Tim Starace, along with vocalist Rocky Kuner, guitarist Billy Alexander, and drummer Chris Moore. So good. »

  • YYNOT: Invisible Heart

    YYNOT: Invisible Heart

    Fresh off their big debut concert in LA, here’s our favorite Rush-inspired band and their latest original, “Invisible Heart.” Tim Starace as always lays down some seriously gritty bass. »