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How To: Fretless Bass Conversion

Our Facebook friend Ryan Pusiak posted a question on our Facebook page, asking about the best way to go about converting a fretted bass into a fretless one.

So we decided it was a great opportunity to feature the series from Jason Holder, one of the guys at The Musician’s Den in Evansville, Indiana. Jason really breaks down the process in great detail.

This is a BIG series, but really worth watching if you’re looking to do a project like this.

Part 1:

Jason describes what to look for in the neck quality and intonation, and starts pulling the frets.

Part 2:

Jason preps the open fret slots so he can begin creating the maple veneer to act as filler.

Part 3:

Jason demonstrates how to radius and trim the maple veneer fret markers.

Part 4:

Jason glues the maple veneer fret markers and trims them to get them flush with the neck.

Part 5:

Jason cleans up the fingerboard, reattaches the neck to the body, and levels it.

Part 6:

Jason completes the fingerboard prep.

Part 7:

Jason finishes up the fingerboard finish, and discusses what’s left.

Part 8:

Jason files the string nut, put on the strings, tuned it up and reviews the action.

Part 9:

Jason wraps up the work on the nut and glues it in place.

Part 10:

Congrats… you made it. In this last installment, Jason wraps up the project and hands the bass over to its owner.