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Cody Wright: How to Play Funk Bass with a Pick

Last month we featured a burning track by the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra entitled “TNFJ“. The song really caught readers’ attention with sick drumming, other-worldly steel drums, and of course, the extra funky bass line by Cody Wright.

Wright, who uses a pick to play, also wowed us with a driving and percussive solo.

Here is his new video tutorial on how he uses a pick to get all those funky sounds.

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    Actually is not reminding Vega, is really using some of his stuff putting it a little bit forward in a more articulated and personal way. Good work Cody, to me this is a new pretty little explored way of playing grooves with bass, or at least to me is not so commonly heard.

Ruben DLR (@rubendlr)

Just stumbled across this. This kid’s got the funk, seriously. There hasn’t been a pick riff this funky since For The Love of Money. Fabulous!


Nice Cody,
I found if I don’t look at my fretting hand I play better with less mistakes, if I look that’s when I mess up, and I don’t know why that is. I’m just now catching on to muting with my palm and its a blast to thump around and cut the notes short, sounds like poppers or pop rocks going off.