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Kenny Barron and Dave Holland: Billie’s Bounce

Jazz greats Kenny Barron and Dave Holland make a great team. The duo, who released The Art of Conversation last year, utilize their deep understanding of each other’s playing to bring out the best of their own music.

Here’s a great clip of Barron and Holland performing the standard jazz blues “Billie’s Bounce” live at the Jazz à la Villette festival in 2012. Holland perfectly complements the pianist’s lines with a strong pulse and perfect note choices before taking his own extended solo. They then trade choruses and pass musical ideas back and forth before finishing the song out to great applause.

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I would love to get my hands on a upright or double bass for a week or two. Clueless yes but I can figure out the basics.

Bruno Migliari

Two masters at work. Fantastic.



SMOOTH….Like butter !!!

Addie J

Addie J

Absolutely stunning. What masters.