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Derek Blakley: Haji’s Kitchen Medley Bass Playthrough

Our friend David Piggott shared this awesome clip of Haji’s Kitchen bassist Derek Blakley playing through a medley of his band’s tunes, and I’m glad he did. Blakley brings real tenacity to his bass lines.

The clip was put together to show the “flashiest” parts in the songs as a demo to play at the NAMM Show. “This medley is akin to an Olympic gymnastics routine, in that it’s tough to nail every element 10/10 every time,” he shared on Facebook. “I’d rather have just pulled the audio from one perfect take, but there weren’t any of those, so this is a “best of” pulling from the various audio tracks as well as video angles. So, no “punching in” per-se, and all of the transitions from part-to-part are honest. For the especially difficult bits, I’ve done my best to match the video take to the audio take in the final cut, but I’ve also chosen a lot of what I thought were the best angles, too. If you spot a place where what you’re seeing doesn’t exactly match what you’re hearing, you’ll just have to deal with the disappointment, as I can’t be arsed to open this premiere session back up!”

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