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  • Bravo Victor: Cornflowers Wild

    Bravo Victor: Cornflowers Wild

    Here’s a new bass and vocal duo making their debut. Bassist Jono Burgess shared this video with us of the duo known as Bravo Victor (they say “The B is for Bass and the V is for Voice”). Sophie Aked is the vocalist. We’re big fans of great bass and vocal duos, and we’re looking... »

  • House of Waters: 17

    House of Waters: 17

    One of my favorite musical discoveries of 2016 was finding House of Waters. They’re such a unique band. Here’s the trio, with Moto Fukushima on bass, performing the tune “17”, from their self-titled . »

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  • Zander Zon: The Last of Us

    Zander Zon: The Last of Us

    Zander Zon took the theme from the action-adventure game “The Last of Us” and turned it into a solo piece for fretless bass. I’m not familiar with the game, but this theme by Gustavo Santaolalla – and reimagined by Zander – is some great music. »

  • Davie504: Halloween Meets Bass 2016

    Davie504: Halloween Meets Bass 2016

    We can always count on Davie504 to provide some fun. For this year’s Halloween festivities, Davie put together this solo bass medley of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the theme from Ghostbusters – complete with costume. Happy Halloween! »

  • Lloyd Goldstein: Lean on Me

    Lloyd Goldstein: Lean on Me

    My Facebook friend Lloyd Goldstein posted a video a few days ago, and it knocked me out. Lloyd arranged Bill Wither’s 1972 hit, “Lean on Me” for double bass. The tone, the arrangement, and the performance are just incredible. Enjoy. »

  • Hungry Beats: Yasuke

    Hungry Beats: Yasuke

    Rubatat Antonin has shared his latest video with drummer Romain Chenard in the duo known as Hungry Beats. He says the “tune is about Kurusan Yasuke, the black samurai.” We love the rhythms and interplay on this one. »

  • Jan Urbanec: Funk Jam

    Jan Urbanec: Funk Jam

    It has been a while since we were able to feature a new video by Jan Urbanec. That’s changing today with a new funky jam he created after getting a new bass (a Sandberg California II TM4). Jan sent us this video, saying “It’s been a while I made anything, so here goes…” Glad you’re... »

  • Evan Marien: Phoenix

    Evan Marien: Phoenix

    Evan Marien has shared another video featuring a song from his upcoming album EP2​-​Live. On “Phoenix”, Evan is joined by Isamu McGregor on keys and Devin Collins on drums. »

  • Vulfpeck: Daddy, He Got a Tesla

    Vulfpeck: Daddy, He Got a Tesla

    Vulfpeck has just released a video for their seventh track on The Beautiful Game, as a follow up to “Dean Town“. And this one gets funky. This one was written by Jack Stratton, who plays guitar on the tune which features a few guests: Pegasus Warning on vocals, Jamire Williams on drums and Joey Dosik... »

  • Dmitry Lisenko: Flat Earth

    Dmitry Lisenko: Flat Earth

    Dmitry Lisenko shared his newest video with us, and once again, we were highly impressed. The bassist shows off his impressive acoustic bass and percussive style in a tune he calls “Flat Earth”. »