The Buzz for 12/24/08

Researchers have determined that music is healing, literally. In a Maryland study, just a half-hour a day of music lowered cholesterol levels. Unlike studies on music’s effect on endurance and mental focus, this study found that it doesn’t matter what kind of music it is, as long as you enjoy it.

Nearly a decade of hard word is paying off for Toronto band Down With Webster, says bassist Tyler Armes. The rock/hip-hop band has been getting media attention lately, and has seen audiences grow. They’re currently working on what he calls their first “real album.” Meanwhile, KISS bassist Gene Simmons, in the process of reviving his record label, Simmons Records, is rumored to have his eye on Down With Webster.

General Motors has pulled its support from the Montreal Jazz Festival, despite a five-year agreement signed in 2005. But all signs indicate the show will go on as planned.

P.S. We’re excited to be working with a new contributor, Angela Harms!

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