The latest in bass fashion?

Blankets are okay, but they can slip and slide. So now there’s something called a Drapester for your axe, aka “the bass cover with sleeves!”

According to their press release, Drapesters are essential to protect against dust, sunlight and “curious fingers” (because a towel just won’t do). They come in several sizes, from bass to parlor guitar, and you won’t believe the stylish colors and prints that are available. Solids such as Denim, Lilac, Claret (i.e. red), or prints of Dolphins, Camo, Chiles, or even Bones-A-Fire will make your instrument the talk of the show in between sets.

Or choose from the variety of Limited Edition prints, like Sea Otter, complete with fringe.

But don’t take our word for it, you’ve got to see this product for yourself at Be sure to study the instructional video on how to correctly use the Drapester.

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