Miles Mosley: Voodoo Child

It is fitting Miles Mosley chose to cover Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”, since he’s doing a Hendrix-like re-invention of his instrument of choice: the upright bass.

After all, it isn’t often you get an upright with wah wah, and distortion all at once.


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  1. Aaron Collegeman

    That’s fantastic! I love their space. Are they recording there? Or is that just the backdrop they chose for the video?

  2. Dawn Y.

    I’m a musician and I saw him play live. It was unbelievable how fast his fingers move on the bass (I was jealous). And his music was so original and different, yet funky in a ‘dance-club’ kinda’ way that I know he’ll be all over the radio one day soon. I checked out his CD after seeing your video of Voodoo Child and I was not disappointed! I’m going to see him this week in Downtown Los Angeles at The Edison. Cant wait to see him and his band play again. This is someone to watch on the music scene.

  3. Graham

    Thank you NoTreble!!! I just discovered Miles thanks to this posting. You can download his new album “Bear” for FREE on his website!


  4. This is bloody awesome!

  5. Clifton

    Love the intro, as he was playing with the Bow! Awesome track!! Sweet change in Tempo! At the end, he got Down with his Thumb and the Bow, Kool!

  6. very Kool my brotha, keep up the good work!

  7. WOW! Blown away by this! Meaty. Funky, Jazzy, Soaring and Electric!

  8. more than excellent!