Paul McCartney Teaches You How to Play the Bass

In a promotional video for his latest album, Paul McCartney shows his playing technique in a brief instructional video covering bass, guitar and drums.

This video doesn’t cover more advanced “fiddly bits”, but is fun to watch:

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  1. If I had known playing bass was so easy I would have taken it up a long time ago. I’m in now though. Thanks!!! (I’ve got to go practice my “fiddly bits.”)

    • splin

      “bass was so easy”

      It isn’t. At least playing real bass. Playing rudimentary notes is no different than playing power chords on a guitar.

  2. I love this song and learning how to play it from the master makes it better. Sir Paul McCartney you are amazing!

  3. What kind of rig is he playing through?

    • that’s an Ashdown ABM 500 EVO III hybrid head, with what looks like a 15 inch cab. I believe that’s what he prefers to record with, the past few years. His bass player, Brian Ray, plays through another Ashdown rig, that’s relatively similar, but more watts and a 4×10 cab.

      I love the Ashdown amps. they’re not too cheap, but, they’re great. They have a solid state line, that’s really really good, too and actually is quite inexpensive.