BassBreak Live 2009

JaMuzic New York is launching BassBreak Live, a bass event taking place on May 9th, 2009 in Wilmington, DE. Bassists Ace Livingston, Adam Nitti and Terrance Palmer are participating, as well as a “Surprise Guest Instructor”.

The event will include Master Classes, games, prizes and giveaways, and a product seminar by Pavel Musical Instruments. BassBreak will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel, 4727 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE. from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Registration is $55 (returning students receive $10 off). Seating is limited, so all tickets must be purchased in advance. For an application, call (302) 233-4111 or email [email protected]

Check out more at BassBreak Live’s MySpace page.

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