Dave Pomeroy: The Day The Bass Players Took Over The World

Check out Dave Pomeroy with his Bass Day evening kick off performance of “The Day The Bass Players Took Over The World” (back in the 90’s, we think).

We especially loved the “tied up the guitar players with those big ol’ flatwound strings. Sorry boys.” line. (Not to mention the bass playing and that sweet 5 string electric upright.)

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  1. Sweet! I was looking for this video for pretty much ten years and just a couple of months ago, I finally found it on YouTube. Dave is awesome and this song has been my motivation for playing bass. One day bass players will take over the world, for sure!

  2. Haha bass players are taking over the world. In some death metal bands the bassist is the star player. IE Obscura

  3. Hope we strung up those guiarists by their necks. There are certainly more than enough of those noodling ninnies out there.

  4. Hey Everyone. Just thought you would want to know that this video is now available on DVD for he first time, including Victor Wooten and Friends doing “Footprints,” and 5 new cuts including Bob Babbitt and Duane Eddy. Order now at http://www.earwavemusic.com.