Adrian Belew Power Trio, Featuring Julie Slick

Robin Slick shared this video with us, via Twitter. Robin is the “mother of 2/3 of Adrian Belew Power Trio”.

Her daughter, Julie Slick is the bassist, and her son, Eric Slick, is the drummer.

Thanks, @RobinSlick. And well done.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow! What an awesome wall of sound! Shades of Crimson – but then there would be wouldn't there… but a NEW sound all the same! The Slick's – WHAT a duo! Julie Slick is my new bass heroine! And as ever, Belew is just his unique self. Fab stuff!

  2. JP

    thanks so much for posting this! saw these guys in sydney – freakin awesome!!! thanks again…

  3. Aldo


  4. Greg Horton

    Just saw these guys 9/3/09 on Cape Cod. Julie blew me away. As a bassist I was watching her all night and thought she stole the show (not the Adrian was not awesome as usual)! She is a new bass hero of mine. She was all over the place on the neck but always perfectly locked in. Fantastic!!

  5. Andre Sachs

    Completely Awesome! I am a big fan of belew and KC/zappa since the 80's but the trio is really good! Wow!

  6. Andre Sachs

    Completely Awesome! I am a big fan of belew and KC/zappa since the 80's but the trio is really good! Wow!

  7. Logan S.

    DAMN GIRL!!! Her bass tone is unbelievable!

  8. Dave Bailey

    This sibling duo needs to stick together and put out some awesome music. It’s great that they got their break at a young age. The band was very tight. The interview was cool.As Adrian said, you never know when your big break might come. Would he have had such a long and inspiring career is Zappa had not gone to Fanny’s that night in Nashville?!!

  9. That Lakland is how the Talent Shines so Bright!

  10. The mother of the bassi player and the drummer raised some talented kids! Good story

  11. Nice! She’s an awesome player. Her tone really reminds me of Geddy.

  12. are they any nrelation to Earl Slick.

  13. Excellent bass and drums. They need to dump the guitarist/singer and they would really be great!

    • It might be kind of tough to get rid of Adrian Belew from the Adrian Belew Power Trio. It would also be a real shame!

    • Corey Brown then he needs to learn some songs with more than a few words in them. Also, repetitious licks and lyrics do not make for a great song.

    • Eli White. Learn some songs? He wrote these songs. I think anybody that played with Frank Zappa and then with King Crimson and The Bears and has had such success as a solo artist would garner a little respect. Not everybody wants to hear a cover of brown eyed girl. This power trio rocks. Julie Slick and her brother are wonderful and Adrian as always continues to extend the boundaries.

    • Gregg Boyd …everybody has their own taste in music. I personally did not care for his playing or his vocals but the kids did a wonderful job supporting him. Regardless of his past achievements, today is what I was critiquing not his former involvement. Never heard of him until today.

    • I’m with Gregg!!!!

    • Me too. Perhaps Eli might post a link to some of his work? No music on his bands Facebook page. Just sayin….’

    • Gregg Boyd Not everyone wants to listen to the same few words in his lyrics as well. Said before, the bass and drums are excellent. They need to team up with a guitar player that matches their talent and it isn’t Belew.