Twiggy Ramirez Interview

Marilyn Manson bassist Twiggy Ramirez (Geordie White) was recently interview by France’s NRV TV. You can see the full video interview here.

Ramirez talks about the bands newest album, The High End of Low, and what went into its making and his return to Marilyn Manson. He mentions the more “organic” direction the band took in this album, recording it with only the parts that can be played live by the band. This keeps the record from sounding “over-produced” and makes for a great live sound. This is the first album since “Holy Wood,” released in 2000, that Ramirez has worked on with Manson.

Manson’s comments on the new album: “I think my life definitely ended and began. The record sounds very final, but it’s almost optimistic — though that feels like a strange word to use. It’s a phoenix from the fire and a redemption resurrection.”

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