One Spirit & Frans Vollink: Go For It

One Spirit: Go For ItWe recently got our hands on Go For It, the latest release by bassist Frans Vollink and his trio, One Spirit.

One Spirit is a high powered jazz/fusion trio and brain-child of Vollink and drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen, with Flying Dutchman guitarist Richard Hallenbeek joining as a new permanent member.

Go For It released in April, 2009, and features guest appearances by Randy Brecker (trumpet), Ada Rovatti (tenor sax), Steve Hunt (keyboards), Rob van Bavel (grand piano), Lalle Larson (keyboards), Martin Gort (percussion) and Martin Verdonk (percussion). The album consists of six original compositions by Vollink and six by Cornelissen. Hallenbeek also contributes and original composition and co-authors one with Cornelissen.

I dig this release. Fusion lovers will find what they are looking for on this album: progressive writing combined with the classic Weather Report and Mahavishnu Orchestra vibe along with superior soloing by all of the band members. The compositions follow a melodic path with highly listenable compositions distinguished by energetic and thoughtful arrangements.

Throughout the entire album bassists will be thrilled to hear Vollink’s high powered playing. He approaches the bass lines with a strong sense of form and grace combined with an incredible amount of technical finesse. You can hear the influences from players like Jaco Pastorius, but Vollink is never anything but original. The album opens up with “Tricky’s Tales,” a cool fusion piece where the bass and keyboards mirror a unique melody line over a strong groove. This then leads in to a very melodic solo by Vollink that contrasts the somewhat disjointed feel of the songs melody. “Demo of Demonstration” features a back-and-forth play between keys and guitar with Vollink acting in counter-point to each player. Again Vollink takes an early solo setting the tone for the rest of the tune. The album segues to a slower open-feeling tune “Purpurama” with a spacey groove backing Hallenbeek’s hypnotic guitar picking and jazzy piano solo while Cornelissen enhances the atmospheric feel with the guest percussion. Things pick up quickly in “Done,” a high energy piece featuring solos over an incredibly fast-paced foundation made by Cornelissen and Vollink. When you get to the title track “Go for it MF” you get to hear Vollink on fretless bass and a trading drum solo by Cornelissen. Near the end of the album “TBA” show a more broken-time feel where all the instruments seem to mix together freely, creating a far-out sound. “Paraquats” closes Go For It with a strong funk line by Vollink driving the song.

Preview and download Go For It:

The complete track list includes:

1. Tricky’s Tales (F. Vollink)
2. Demo Of Demontration (F. Vollink)
3. Purpurama (S. Cornelissen)
4. Done (S. Cornelissen)
5. If So (S. Cornelissen)
6. Port (R. Hallebeek)
7. Go For It MF (F. Vollink)
8. Maybe – Interlude (F. Vollink)
9. Leo’s Dance (F. Vollink)
10. 25-8 (F. Vollink)
11. Sergio’s Pants (S. Cornelissen)
12. TBA (S. Cornelissen, R. Hallebeek)
13. Paraquats (S. Cornelissen)

As stated in the beginning, fusion fans are going to find a lot to love about this album. You get the scorching solos, the cool grooves, the classic sound and the killer playing all wrapped in one great release. Bass enthusiasts definitely need to check out Go For It, Vollink’s playing will not disappoint!

Check out Vollink’s web page for information about his other releases, some of his Jaco scores and YouTube videos.

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