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Victor Wooten tour: 2 Minds 1 Groove with JD Blair

Victor Wooten is teaming back up with his long time friend JD Blair to go on a brief tour. The tour is the “2 Minds 1 Groove” and will be throughout the USA until the end of September.

“I toured for quite a while with that exact same band that played a lot of that music on the record, but for this tour I went backwards,” Victor said. “I’m doing a thing that I did ten years ago, kind of like a ten-year reunion… We’re going backwards now in time and doing it again with more experience and musicianship. We’re playing a lot of tunes from all of my records and also some unheard-of, brand-new things and a lot of improvisation.”

There has been mention of a few “surprises” during the show.

The upcoming tour dates include:

  • Sept. 17 – Picador – Iowa City, IA
  • Sept. 18 – Granada – Lawrence, KS
  • Sept. 19 – Rococo Theatre – Lincoln, NE
  • Sept. 20 – House of Blues – Dallas, TX
  • Sept. 22 – Warehouse Live-Studio – Houston, TX
  • Sept. 23 – House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
  • Sept. 24 – Freebird Live – Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • Sept. 25 – Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Sept. 26 – Plaza Theatre – Orlando, FL
  • Sept. 27 – Largo Cultural Center – Largo, FL

You can buy tickets online through Vic’s web site.

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