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Sneak Preview: David Pastorius and Local 518’s “Sense of Urgency”

david-pastorius-sense-of-urgencyBassist David Pastorius and his band, Local 518, have released their second album in the U.S., Sense of Urgency.

The album features Pastorius on bass with Local 518 members Al Brodeur on guitar and keyboards, Bjarne Jannik Kjaer on drums, steel drums and keyboards, Anthony Darmana on percussion and Dijeradoo and Dave Hoag on keyboards. Other performers on the CD include Alex Petrosky on drums, Ken Page on keyboards and Jowee Omicil on soprano sax.

Sense of Urgency has 16 original tracks, each written or co-written by Pastorius. In case you did not make the family connection yet, David is the nephew of the late and legendary Jaco Pastorius. Don’t let the family ties fool you, David approaches the bass with a completely unique style and pulls influences from Miles Davis, Mr. Bungle, Jimi Hendrix, The Police, Beethoven, Bjork, Coltrane, Bob Marley, Paco De Lucia, Anthrax, Tool, and The Clash to name a few. This combination along with his incredible technical prowess have given David a sound all his own. Adding Local 518 to the mix makes for a groove-heavy, progressive album that will not disappoint!

Here’s a sneak preview and the album’s opening track:
Lebanon 4.

Look for Sense of Urgency on CDBaby, iTunes and other retailers. The album has already been released in Japan through the P-Vine label.

Be sure to check out Pastorius’s official website for more.

(Full disclosure: Corey Brown, No Treble’s founder, is involved in this project.)

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Cricket Cohen

Sounds great, Larry Hartke had told me about him…
I met Jaco's Dad Jack a number of times, a great music story,
will gladly share it with anyone interested!

Mantis Evar

I just finished listening to Sense of Urgency and I was happy I took the time. With Interesting songs and nice production the band is super tight. I am glad I came across this today as I needed this musical jolt. Way to go guy's. I can't wait to see it live!

Dave Bailey

Great track. Reminded me of early Al DiMeola.

Dave Bailey

Great track. Reminded me of early Al DiMeola.