Juan Nelson: “Fight For Your Mind” Extended Bass Solo

I discovered Juan Nelson thanks to Ben Harper, and have been a fan ever since. I only hope Ben comes back to the Innocent Criminals one day.

Here’s Juan doing his thing, playing bass and singing, live with Ben Harper:

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  1. monkindigo

    oh man this is great! FUNKY!!

  2. bobobass

    Love it. Finally a vid of a real groove oriented bassman. Most of the videos posted here are all technique and no substance, no groove. Never subvert the groove with all that fancy, million notes a minute sh*t. Juan is the real deal.

  3. Clifton

    The Band is Tight!! Love dem Horns!! The Bass playing is Stone Cold Funky and BAD!!! :^D Monster Bass man!!!

  4. Oh, how I love me some Juan!

  5. What Bobo said…

    • Obviously, I’m with you on the part about Juan being the real deal. I’m not so sure about the rest (have you checked out our video section?) I’m sitting here wondering why there is also only 279 likes on this one…

    • Corey Brown Maybe it’s a question of perspective. I’ve played for over 40 years in almost every genre imaginable. I’m not impressed by raw chops. Sometimes I’m jealous, but not impressed. I am, however, impressed by Juan – he’s a musician down to the bone. As Bobo said, he’s a true creator who never abandons the groove for flash – cause even his flashy stuff grooves. He’s a bass player – not a guitar player who plays bass. And yes, I’ve seen a ton of the videos…

  6. Now that is some soulful sweet bass playin”!