Reader Spotlight: Cricket Cohen

Cricket CohenMeet Cricket Cohen, our player in the spotlight for December 15, 2009.


I’ve been so lucky to play bass (and sing) for a living for over 30 years. Doing the math I know I’ve played at least 10,000 gigs! The venues range from lounge cover work to playing with the Drifters as well of too many exciting stories to fit in here.

Because of the drastic changes in this area of the business I’m happy and lucky to be teaching at a local music store now. It’s a blessing to sit and talk with ages range from 7-62 years about Music! I am also a member of the NYC bass brunch brothers, hosted by Mike Visceglia, a great bass hang!!


Brooklyn, NY USA

Day gig:

Tho I’ve had many jobs in my life, before my bass playing career took off… some are very funny, like being a NYC yellow cab driver, to living in San Francisco and being a bicycle messenger (!!!…hills!) I’ve been so lucky to hold that instrument in my hands and get paid for it for pretty much all my life.

Years experience:

…guess it’s been 40 years or so, but I don’t like to admit it!!

Bands andamp; Gigs:

More than I can say here, but I’d be happy to share details with anybody who may be interested. I will say that my last gig was kickin’ with great musicians none of whom were over 22 years old!!!… we had a blast!


  • The best bass amp ever made Ampeg SVT and cab
  • because I can’t keep one now, the Ampeg Portabasss series
  • mostly Fender basses (check my pics on Facebook, they’re all there…)
  • loop station
  • double outputs
  • Larry just sent me a Hartke Bass Attack pre-amp pedal and it’s great

Why I play the bass:

In my generation EVERYBODY was playing guitar, and I wanted to be in a BAND so, with my singing it seemed like a possibility… Then one night “really listening” to Jack Cassidy on the first Jefferson Airplane record … well I went to Manny’s on 48th Street in NYC and bought a bass the next day!

My bass superpower/claim to fame

Hard question… was it playing with The Drifters, the Superbowl gig, Miss America Beauty Pageant, at the 55 Bar on Christopher St. in NYC, hangin’ out with my good friends and playing at a great house party…??? This question has so many answers for me!

My influences

…without a doubt James Jamerson and Jaco (hopefully just like all of us!)

…and then we get into what category… in Jazz my teacher Jimmy Garrison will always be in my heart.

In Funk who’s the first innovator of slap and POP L.G. You know who I’m talkin’ ’bout!! Bootsy…

I guess the answer is all of the great bass players who have paved our path… MAY WE ALL BE SO BLESSED TO TAKE IN JUST A LITTLE FROM ALL

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  1. mikedimin

    my old friend – nice to see you here

  2. mikedimin

    my old friend – nice to see you here