Pat Metheny Group: Jaco

The Pat Metheny Group did a tune on their first album, Pat Metheny Group (1978), named after Jaco Pastorius. This is an early version of the song from 1977 and features Mark Egan on the fretless bass.

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  1. Fabulous tune. Mark Egan’s solo is great. He’s such a good player.

  2. BassGirl5809

    KILLIN!!!!! :-)

  3. Clifton

    WOW!! This is an Early one! Can hardly recognize anyone! They all are so Young! LOL!
    Sweet Fretless work by Mark Egan!!

  4. BnsRod


  5. Keith Pasculli

    Wow! Great tune and great performances!

  6. See – you CAN play a bass solo without popping and slapping all over the place!

  7. I always smile at the tooth brush holding Metheny’s atrap on! He broke it at a gig and the temporary repair lasted for decades!

  8. The whole band is great. The bassist lays down a very nice groove. Very smooth.