The Bad Plus Announce New Album

The Bad PlusThe Bad Plus has announced that they will be releasing a new album, Never Stop, on September 14. Never Stop will be the group’s first CD to feature all original tunes. It will also be strictly instrumental, as opposed to 2009’s For All I Care, in which the trio were joined by vocalist Wendy Lewis.

The group has gained notoriety for creating jazz covers of standard rock and pop tunes by artists like Queen, Nirvana, and ABBA. Bassist Reid Anderson explains that their music helps listeners who are unfamiliar with jazz bridge the gap between it and more mainstream, popular genres.

“The reason we did it is because as young musicians getting interested in jazz, it’s what we would’ve wanted to hear,” said bassist Reid Anderson. “The history of jazz is, up to a certain point, to play the popular music of the day, and that kind of got left behind.”

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