Tommy Shannon with Johnny Winter: Be Careful With a Fool

Live on Danish TV in 1970, Johnny Winter performs with bassist Tommy Shannon and Uncle John Turner on drums.

It isn’t flashy, but Shannon is just a blues groovin’ machine.

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  1. Gloria Brown

    Tommy that is my favorite song!!!!!!!!!!! I also did Highway 61. Some great great stuff!!!

  2. Gloria Brown

    I got such a rush hearing “Be Careful with a Fool” Fantastic song and I bought 2 Cd’s lol.

  3. Gloria Brown

    WHO SAID It’s “Not Flashy???” That’s as flashy as it gets man……

  4. That’s just sooooooooo cool.Thanks for posting it.

  5. It’s All about the feel….gotta have it for the music to groove (y)

  6. Nice ;O) My favorite time for them.

  7. thank you , thank you

  8. I know this is supposed to be about Tommy, but I can’t help myself. Johnny Winter is freakin Demi-God! There…I said it.

  9. I’m up to here with flashy.

  10. A great rhythm section…..Thank you Tommy Shannon!