Krist Novoselic to Appear on Next Foo Fighters Album

Krist NovoselicBassist Krist Novoselic will be appearing on the next Foo Fighters album, according to recent interviews with frontman Dave Grohl. Novoselic and Grohl were the respective bassist and drummer for the iconic grunge band Nirvana, and have not recorded together since the group’s final track, “You Know You’re Right,” in 1993.

Krist will be contributing his bass talents on at least one song, while the rest of the album will still feature the Foo Fighters’ regular bassist, Nate Mendel. The project, which is set for a 2011 release, also includes producer Butch Vig, who worked with Nirvana on 1991’s Nevermind.

Since Nirvana disbanded in 1994, Novoselic has played in a few bands including Eyes Adrift, but mostly he’s been keeping busy writing for the Seattle Weekly and getting involved in politics. He formed a Political Action Committee called JAMPAC to lobby for artists’ freedom of expression, and in 2004 he wrote a part-memoir, part-political platform book entitled Of Grunge and Government: Let’s Fix This Broken Democracy!.

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