Mina Burnside: 14 Year Old Bassist Tackle’s Jaco Pastorius’ “Portrait of Tracy”

Mina Burnside is a 14 year old bassist from Nashville who began playing three and a half years ago. In this clip, she takes on a monster of a bass tune: Jaco Pastorius’ “Portrait of Tracy”.

We love seeing (and sharing!) the many young players who demonstrate their dedication and willingness to tackle some tough tunes and show the world. Watch out bassists! A whole new generation of great bassists are on their way. Thanks to Jody Michael of Ansir Music for sending us this video.

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  1. Wow, Amazing! Check out those finger movements! To think she is only 14 and been playing 3 ½ years, I can’t imagine her in a couple more years….

  2. BassGirl5809

    Great job Mina!! So cool to see another girl bass player my age who’s into Jaco :)

  3. stratboy

    Very impressive, young lady!

  4. […] from Nashville, TN and our player in the spotlight for May 3, 2011. We first featured Mina and her impressive take on Jaco Pastorius’s “Portrait of Tracy” a couple of months ago.Bio:I picked up my first bass on June 16, 2007, and performed in the Freedom […]

  5. […] 1. Mina Burnside: 14 Year Old Bassist Tackle’s Jaco Pastorius’ “Portrait of Tracy&#82… […]

  6. Y Livnat

    very nice cover!! but there is one more cover which is a little better

  7. David Bluebaugh

    Amazing 14 year old! Well done!

  8. Very impressive!

  9. Great stuff Mina. I’m interested in knowing what bass that is. Your bass seems more ergonomic than most basses, with the cutaway for your right arm and the ‘fin’ that sits on your right knee. Can you tell me what it is and/or who made it, or can anyone else tell me? Thanks.

    • Hey Grant. Mina’s bass is from Ansir Music. Great guys over there (including their founder, @[100000479511417:2048:Jody Michael].) Check them out.

    • Thanks Corey. I will check them out. I have hand issues that have made me decide to stick to double bass only (at this stage) and perhaps a differently designed electric bass could help.

  10. I checked out what they’re doing. I might have to sell my 1970’s Fender Jazz and buy one of their Ansir J Bass that is ‘coming soon’. Love it. Thanks again Corey.

  11. Three and half years huh? Wow, I’m very impressed. I wished I had made that level of progress after three and half years. But then I’m self taught. I’ll bet her parents are musically inclined.

  12. raven

    Awesome! very impressive