Markbass Announces MoMark MVVL-HE Master Module

MoMark MVVL-HE Master moduleMarkbass continues their new product announcements for 2011 with the introduction of the MVVL-HE Master module. The MVVL-HE Master is designed to fit into any MoMark amp chassis, features a master volume control, the Markbass VLE and VPF filters, and a Line Out level control. The circuitry is gold-plated in addition to all high level components, which Markbass says makes it the module of choice for the “audiophile” bassist.

The MVVL-HE rounds out the company’s “high end” series of modules, which includes the T1MHE, S1M-HE, and EQ44S-HE.

MoMark MVVL-HE Master Specs:

  • Master level control
  • Line out level control
  • VLE filter
  • VPF filter
  • High-tech bi-band limiter
  • Gold-plated circuitry
  • High-end components
  • Size: 98 x73x75mm / 3.8×2.8×2.9”

Markbass’ Peter Murray said the all new Markbass gear will go into production after the Musikmesse trade show next month and are still subject to change. For more info, visit the newly renovated Markbass website.

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