The Pink Panther: Solo Bass Performance

Pablo Motyczak, a bassist from Argentina who goes by the screen name “Motyx” blew us away with his take on Henry Mancini’s “Pink Panther” theme.

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  1. Chad Grant

    NICE, MAN!!! Very cool stuff.

  2. Dave


  3. Zero Scavenger

    Brilliant. Skillful. Talented. Love it

  4. Pablo Motyczak

    Thanks !!! It’s a honor to be here !!! cheers!

  5. YLF

    Thanks for the share. This would be loved by my 4y’old son… if I ever reach to play it as well as you.
    Any luck to get a guitarpro-Tab ?

    Anyway, bravo Pablo !

    • Pablo Motyczak

      Hi YLF, I don’t use tabs, I prefer written music but in this case I made the piece based on the original version, I didn´t get it from paper.

      Sure your son would love it, it’s a great composition!

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. Olivia


    • Pablo Motyczak

      Exactly! and now he is building the beautiful GG basses. :)

  7. megamuff

    like this very much…. bet it would sound good on a smith bass…

  8. Jon Davis

    Very smooth, very sweet.

  9. How sweet, very much appreciate the composition and musicianship! Keep on jamming!

  10. Man, that’s very schweet!

  11. Buenísimo… really amazing!

  12. That excellent man. play on!

  13. BRAVO! Classy performance, perfect tones….Master Performance!

  14. That is a seriously beautiful arrangement Pablo, not to mention superbly played. All I can say is thank you! Cheers from Australia.

  15. This is so cool tone is fantastic!

  16. FedeX

    long-haired bassist Messi!

  17. Hugo Panzarasa

    Excelente Pablo!”, muy buena versiòn!!

  18. John Dickinson

    Excellent! – just goes to show that a quality performance does not require lightning fast speed!

  19. Drummerboy

    Well i am a pro drummer and even i can appreciate that totally finger perfect great stuff great player to , awesome . !!!

  20. A big THANK YOU to all !!!. To No Treble people for posting and re-posting and everyone for sharing, liking and beautiful comments!

  21. Really Nice! Good sound and everything!