Ampeg Launches Portaflex Series Amps

ampeg-portaflexAmpeg has unveiled a new line of amps and cabinets inspired by their B-15 called the Portaflex series. The line includes two heads and two cabs that can be matched together to make flip-top combos.

The PF-350 is the more compact of the two heads, weighing in at 8 lbs. It features a solid-state preamp combined with a Class D power amp that pushes out 350-watts at 4 ohms. The amp also has a 3-band EQ, onboard limiter, balanced DI, and 1/8” headphone out.

The PF-500 is a bit of a different beast from it’s sibling, as it includes a MOSFET preamp, and pushes out 500-watts at 4 ohms. It also adds to the PF-350’s features, by including a 5-postition mid-tone control, ultra hi/lo boosts, and an onboard compressor. The balanced line out also has pre/post EQ, -40 dB pad, and ground lift switches. It weighs in at 11 lbs.

The PF-115HE and PF-210HE come in 1×15 or 2×10 configurations respectively. Built from 15mm poplar ply, the cabs are finished with vintage-styled black diamond tolled and the B-15 grille cloth. Each are stocked with ceramic Eminence drivers and a 1” HF compression driver, altogether pumping out 450-watts at 8 ohms.

All of the Ampeg Portaflex series products are available now for $399.99, with the exception of the PF-350 which goes for around $299. For more info, visit Ampeg’s website.

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