Jaco Pastorius: 1978 Radio Interview

Jaco Pastorius was interviewed in 1978 for London’s Capital Radio network, around the time Weather Report’s Mr. Gone was about to release.

Here’s the audio of the interview, where Jaco talks about the magic of Weather Report, the new album, and dives into his musical upbringing.

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  1. Danny

    “I don’t listen to bass players. I listen to music.”

    The best piece of advice. It’s fine to pay attention to technique and what the bass is doing, but what’s going on with the entire band is what really matters in the end.

  2. Jaco knew. Pay attention and dig it! Inspiration is all around.

  3. Mike Sorr

    I had the good fortune to meet Jaco in New York City on two occasions in the 80s. I told him I played bass and he asked me if I could read music. I said, “kind of”. This was evidently the wrong answer. He told me , “do you read music is a yes or no question. Kind of means no.” And he encouraged me to be able to answer yes to that question in the future. Since I was such a big fan I mentioned that he was a big influence and he told me to be influenced more by the guy I see in the mirror every morning. Play like that guy. All good advice.