Hadrien Feraud: “Marching Powder” Live Bass Solo

I’m not sure I’ve seen a performance by Hadrien Feraud that didn’t blow me away. But this one is perhaps one of the best of them all.

Recorded at The Baked Potato in March, 2011, Feraud takes a solo during the tune “Marching Powder” with “Bubba Lugatz” – in 15/8.

The band includes Chris Coleman on drums, Arlan Schierbaum on keys and John Ziegler on guitar.

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  1. Johnny

    Oh man! Why does the video cut? I wanted to hear the end of that. Superb playing.

  2. jimmycassette

    This smacks of Jaco with weather report/ tone shapes everything!! ….. the drummer is mental… me likey long time

  3. another great vid NT. Ive checked out CC before but im new to Hadrien.. what a monster.. ideas for days!

  4. Tom L

    Astounded at his technique however I don’t wish to cause any internet rage here but he says absolutely squat and unfortunately this is the case with most fusion players today let alone bass players and it seems to have all come from a sick bastardization of players like Jeff, Jaco, Paul jackson and the like whatever happened to phrasing or emotion?
    Now I’m not trolling I love music but I dont love notes.

    • glenn

      seriously dude take off your crankypants and listen again. he is playing and saying volumes.

  5. NathanN

    SO SICK!!!! Do Hadrien Feraud and Chris Coleman have telepathy?

  6. I am surprised you are just posting this now. I’ve watched this many times; any of the Feraud and Chris Coleman videos are required listening AND watching. (Coleman is my favorite drummer for more reasons than his playing – just watch him play and it is impossible not to smile). Kick ass players