Billy Cobham / George Duke Band: “Red Baron”, Live with Alphonso Johnson

Recorded live in July 1976 in Montreux, Switzerland, here’s the Cobham/Duke Band performing the groove-tastic “Red Baron”.

The band includes Alphonso Johnson on bass, John Scofield on guitar, Duke on keys and Cobham on drums.

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  1. Doug Weekes

    This must have been recorded in ’77 rather than ’67…

  2. Reilly

    This is from 1967? I think you mean 1976. Regardless, thanks for sharing this.

  3. Dominic DeCosa

    Actually, it was recorded July 6, 1976.

  4. AJ looks like he’s 12!

  5. Mark

    Oh my God !

    Have you heard all these mistakes by John Scofield, look at Billy’s face ! Not happy with these ear piercings false notes…

    First time I heard such worst guitar nightmare by Scofield… Maybe he was on a bad drug… My god what a pity, such great musicians but a terrible guitar playing for that song.

    Even Duke is not good on this one.. Ouch !

    As usual, Cobham and Johnson are very good.

    Please, retire that video, it’s a shame for these great musicians, a song to forget..
    Ouch, my ears are taking some of the worst timing and group union…

  6. How about that Fender Rhodes piano looks brand new!!! It might be the FIRST one made!!! hahahaha! It’s amazing that with all the new technology in bass building,this bass sounds as good any I’ve heard…it’s the PLAYER,not the gear!!!

  7. i saw this line-up in atlanta in ’76. @ mark: really?

  8. Gregg

    @ Mark: you’re kidding, right?

  9. Albert Leigh McKay


  10. Amazing recording quality for when it was recorded, even by today’s standards.

  11. One of my all time favorites!

  12. This will always be one of my favourite songs!

  13. Hey, he was at my house a few days ago. One of the nicest human beings I know! Fantastic musician and bassist!