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A Taste of Honey: Boogie Oogie Oogie (1978)

Like it or not, disco produced some great bass lines. Jeff Kerestes shared this music video of A Taste of Honey, featuring bassist/vocalist Janice-Marie Johnson, on our Facebook page.

The song, “Boogie Oogie Oogie,” is a classic example of groovy bass from the ’70s.

“I just came across this video,” Jeff said. “Classic bass line! Great female bass player.”


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disco, or some of it at least was quite funky. I love the way Janice plays the bass (not necessary the singing.. but she still can sing much better than myself)!



Oh! What a Fun Time that was!!! 1978! I was there!!


Singing bass player. Always impressive IMO :)
For some reason it’s very hard to notice other band members in this clip :)



PURE RESPECT!!!! IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY AND SING AT THE SAME TIME!!! (caps on purpose!) “Listen to my bass, yeah!”