Living Colour: Cult of Personality, Live with Muzz Skillings (1988)

Here’s an awesome clip of Living Colour from the 1988 MTV New Music Assault Tour. Shot at Auburn University, the performance shows the band in top shape with original bassist Muzz Skillings laying it down and ripping it up, especially under Vernon Reid’s burning solo.

Skillings left the band four years later due to musical differences, and was eventually replaced by Doug Wimbish, who is still with the group.

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  1. James C. Killinger

    One of the hardest rockin’ bands ever…Wow!

  2. One of the hardest rockin’ bands ever…Wow!

  3. Definately an under-rated and under-appreciated band…these guys truly keep the roots of rock & roll alive and do it well while making it look soooo easy. The “Mother’s Finest” for this gen…hopefully the torch will continue to eb carried forward!

  4. Now, that was fun! Muzz was badass and kept it right in there. I always liked this song, anyway.

  5. Not the best audio track on the vids available for this tune. Still, quite inspiring and worth the watch!

  6. If ever there was a rock band you couldn’t put in a category, its colour. Amazing.

  7. William

    Great band. Great song.