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Tal Wilkenfeld Working on New Album

Tal WilkenfeldAfter a somewhat quiet period, Tal Wilkenfeld has announced she’s working on a new album with special guests to include Jackson Browne, ex-Journey vocalist Steve Perry, and Mike Elizondo.

Wilkenfeld, who raised eyebrows while laying down the low end with Jeff Beck, says she’ll also be displaying her vocal talents on the record.

“When I first started I was singing,” she told Rolling Stone. “Then I kind of got into some instrumental music for a while cause I felt like I wanted to develop as an instrumentalist. Now I’m kind of incorporating vocals back into my music, so I’m really excited.”

Though she notes that she’s been “spoiled” by playing with musical giants like Beck, Wilkenfeld says the follow-up to her solo debut Transformation will be her own style.

“I’ve done a lot of stuff, but it’s kind of still in the early stages cause I’ve been experimenting with different people, trying different things. There are so many different directions I could’ve gone in, so it’s a matter of narrowing it down and I kind of feel like I just found it.”

The yet unnamed project has a tentative release date for next year.

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