Question of the Week: What have you been practicing lately?

Our question of the week: What have you been practicing lately?

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  1. Mark Fowler

    O have been learning Sublime songs for “Garden Grove: A Trinute to Sublime” Which has it’s first gig Friday, and I have been trying to learn Jazz standards and Hymms as chord solos, just for fun! Here’s one:

  2. Alessandro Marchiorri

    “Stratus”song of Billy Cobham I busted my left hand, but it’s a really satisfying piece :-)

  3. Denny Richards

    I’ve actually been checking out the Tetrachord lessons on this site. One of those “oh, duh, of course” kind of things that has opened up the way I look at the bass neck.

  4. Just been running through ‘If’ by the Red Hot Chillies.

  5. Jam in E by Jaco Pastorius out of the Modern Electric Bass book.

  6. Practicing to get comfortable with the upright, so I have been doing lots of scales, arrpegios, third, fifth, sixth, and octave exercises on it.

  7. My recent practice sessions have been spent relearning several songs I recorded with Ryan Pelton & the Difference. We recorded Ryan’s first all-original CD in July and August, and haven’t played most of the songs since. So, for Fan Weekend – during which we did a mini-set of originals – I had to relearn my parts.

  8. I’ve been working on Steve Harris style galloping with two finger technique. I keep upping the BPM til I fall apart, and then start over again down around 80 bpm.

  9. My instructor has me focusing on fretboard harmony and technique. Going back to solidify my foundation.

  10. well, I’ve been practicing tapping with 3 fingers, double thumb, blues scales and licks.

  11. Scales and modes. Back to basics practicing lately.

  12. Just got the ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Songbook. I’m breaking it down

  13. I’ve been going through “Standing in the Shadows of Motown”. Learning Jamerson’s bass lines will definitely improve my playing.

  14. Happy working on some scales around the neck to get the fingers moving.

  15. gospel for 2 bands shows they call me needed a bassplayer for both shows.

  16. Since I joined a blues trio, I have been practicing a lot of that. Plus, since recently getting a 6 string fretless, been practicing on that to get comfortable with it.