Bass Play-Along Week: Troy Hughes’ “YYZ” Bass Play-Along

Editor’s note: Bass play-along week continues! If you have one you’d like to submit (by you or someone else), send it to [email protected].

Ah, YYZ. Geddy Lee’s bass line on this iconic tune has to be one of the most popular challenges and play-along’s out there.

No Treble reader Troy Hughes sends us this video of him pulling off the feat, with this note:

“I’ve been a huge Rush fan for just about as long as I’ve been playing bass. Gene Simmons got me started playing bass but Geddy Lee kept me playing… I’m submitting this , not because I think it’s my best work or because it’s my favorite song but because it has the most views of all my videos so far. I’m self-taught and learned to play by ear, playing along with my favorite records. I’m playing a Geddy Lee model Jazz bass through a little Fender SP-10 guitar practice amp.”

Nice work, Troy. Love the bass, love the tone and love the background behind you!

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  1. Troy Hughes

    Look at that. Thanks!

  2. Helen Anastasia Anderson


  3. Ehh..It’s ok, I guess. LOL!

  4. Excellent job. I envy your ability as well as your incredible mask collection.

  5. Wow… made it look like a piece of cake… all while looking like Simon Cowell… how he did that?

  6. Very cool and I want this bass!

  7. Congratulations Troy. You work very hard to smoke this place! Great Playing

  8. such efficient technique! incredible!

  9. this is great but it sounds like there may be a little bit of clipping with his E string, might need to turn his gain down.

  10. Very clean Troy. Excellent.

  11. Troy is the cream of the crop on YouTube. His covers are outstanding. Glad to see him getting profiled here at No Treble!

  12. Clean playing, no flaws, just great. Congrats, Troy! And thank you, you made it seem possible, LOL.

  13. sounds great troy I play in the rush tribute band Caress of Steel in LA. where are you located?