Evan Marien: Soulseek

Here’s an awesome studio performance by Evan Marien with drummer Dana Hawkins on the bassist’s song “Soulseek.”

The duo keeps a tight groove which opens up for Marien to let loose with some blazing soloing.

Evan offers a live version of the track on his Bandcamp page.

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  1. Jason Navasard

    What is he wearing on his right thumb?

  2. Jeff Margavage

    First I just want to say, “WOW” That was awesome. Props to Evan AND Dana!
    But to answer Jason Navasard’s question below, I THINK it was the remote for the headstock mounted camera.

  3. Kieran Lewis

    Would love to know what pedals he is controlling with the hothand!

    • Ivan Acunzo

      I think the Source Audio PRO Bass Envelope Filter and/or the PRO Multiwave Bass Distorsion!

  4. Hector Ostolaza

    Young Alan Caron? lololo

  5. Joakim Lier

    at the part beginning at 2:02, hes not even touching the strings with his strumming hand! what is this blasphemy

  6. Brilliant! Loving the “Atmospheric” feel on this :O).

  7. Love the counter-rhythms Dana’s got going on behind him. Very nice. :)

  8. what’s that ring called it is mad chillin.

  9. Love Evan’s stuff.