Question of the Week: What’s your next gear purchase?

Our question of the week:

What’s next up on your gear list?

Hey, this is even a chance to dream a little. The holidays are right around the corner!

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  1. Visawin Honda

    Spector euro5lx!

  2. Sean Fairchild

    I want to sell my Avatar B410 Neo and go with a neo version of a 4×10 by SWR, Eden, or some brand that’s a little beefier.

  3. Carmelo Curella

    A totally custom luthier bass by Ingallinera… At

  4. Chad Justin Gagné

    Washburn Neck-Thru Thumb.

  5. Al Gates

    A new amp… Crapped out during a gig. Question:Are class C amps more prone to failure? Due to their size. Heat sinks for IC’s not large enough?

  6. Tom Groeneweg

    I’d like a TC Electronic stack with something like a Fender P-bass that I will mod to have an extra splitcoil in bridge position and wire the pick ups in stereo for Bi-Amping.

  7. David Seletos

    Probably an envelope filter at this point and/or a loop pedal.

  8. Troy Hughes

    I’m looking for a cabinet and came across a slightly used Mesa 4×12 Powerhouse for $700 in a local music store. It looks brand new but I haven’t played through it yet. The price is great considering they retail for $1,300. The downside is that it’s BIG and heavy.

    • Mike Bercik

      Been using that cab for over 2 years now…would really recommend purchasing it ASAP. Amazing cab, and at 700, that’s a steal.

  9. Don Lindsay

    I already have a David Eden 4×10 and 18 stack that has never failed me since the nineties, but I have considered getting a Eden 2×12 for house parties. I have a ESP LTD 5 string, and love it!

  10. Hans van Dongen

    Well… First I’m selling my Marleaux Jazz 4 string and my Marleaux Consat Fretless 5 and then….? I’d like to have a Fender ’62 Precision reissue. So… anyone interested? In a Marleaux that is. Ha!

  11. Kyle Coulter

    Hughes and Kettner TriAmp. I know its a guitar head but daaaaaaaamn does it sound sexy all crunchy and distorted through a bass cab.

  12. Olov Byberg

    Im going to get a new bass, thinking of gettin’ a Fleabass, because my old bass got broken, literally.. haha. Well, I guess that’s what you get when you live in Sweden and slip on an icy road while having your bass on your back! Anyone got any tips/hits or advices on what bass guitar I should get? :) Price range around 800$ max

  13. Just bought TC Electronic’s Hall of Fame reverb. So next thing’s probably a Fender Jazz 5 string.

  14. A five string Fender Jazz would be pretty nice! Anybody fancy buying me a late birthday present?

  15. Love to get a 1×18 cab and a 2×10.. need that rumble when i drop tune my d tuner.

  16. I have all of the hardware (Gotoh, Schaller, Switchcraft, CTS, etc.) and pickups (Aguilar) to put together my own P bass! Next up, body and pickguard. After that, the neck and strings!

  17. A stand that can hold all my basses.

  18. An Eden D212-XLT8 2X12 Bass Speaker Cabinet – 8ohm.