Oz Noy Releases “Twisted Blues”, Featuring Roscoe Beck and Will Lee

Oz Noy: Twisted BluesOz Noy has released his newest effort, Twisted Blues, his fifth as a leader.

This CD arrived months ago to No Treble HQ – months before its official release date. I kept it in the car and on my iPhone, listening to it frequently and looking forward to posting this story.

The title is perfect – this is a blues record with a twist, for sure. Noy’s guitar work is equally unique and impressive, and the supporting cast he’s assembled only adds to the eclectic album, which features not only blues, but groove-based rock and modern jazz.

Bassists Will Lee and Roscoe Beck split duties on holding down the low end for the record, with Vinnie Colaiuta, Anton Fig and Chris Layton on drums, Jerry Z, Reese Wynams and John Medeski on organ, Allen Toussaint on piano and Ralph MacDonald on tamburin. Guitarist Eric Johnson performs on one track.

The title track kicks things off, with a nice groove with Noy, Lee and Colaiuta, with a little help on the organ from Jerry Z. and Medeski.

“Oh Really?” offers a New Orleans-inspired blues, with New Orleans native Toussaint’s piano work adding to the authenticity.

Noy offers up a couple of ballads with “You are the State” and “Two Centers”, the latter being reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix with some great looping work by Noy.

“Whole Tone Blues” is a nod to another guitar legend, Stevie Ray Vaughan, with the late guitarist’s former bandmates Chris Layton on drums and Reese Wynams backing Noy up.

Perhaps my favorite of the album is Noy’s remake of the Meters’ hit, “Cissy Strut”. Will Lee and Anton Fig make this extra funky, and the subtle timing twist adds some excitement to this class.

Twisted Blues is an enjoyable CD from start to finish. It is available on CD and digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3)

Twisted Blues Track List:

  1. Twisted Blues
  2. Oh Really?
  3. You Are The State
  4. Whole Tone Blues
  5. Cissy Strut
  6. Light Blue
  7. Steroids
  8. Two Centers
  9. Trinkle Tinkle

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