Steely Dan: Kid Charlemagne (Live)

Here’s a great live performance of Steely Dan’s tune “Kid Charlemagne”, for VH-1’s Storytellers.

In this version, bassist Tom Barney really brings it!

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  1. Mike Harding

    Willy Weeks is the bass player not Tom Barney.

    • Corey Brown

      The DVD lists Tom Barney in the credits for this show, and it sure does look exactly like him in the photos we’ve seen as well. Sometimes the shows can get mixed up, but we’re sure this is not Willie Weeks.

  2. I had no idea Stephen Colbert could shred like that.

  3. Damn this is sweet.

  4. “Clean this mess up or we’ll all end up in jail…”

  5. Smooth and Almost Gosple.

    • i stumbled onto you, just veiwed all the new live steely dan on youtibe 2 day’s ago.. great stuff, history will foundly look on. trying to wrap up some home studio work, and looking for vocals/ songwrite colaboration. no agenda but the music and in this new world most if not all can be done over the net. respond if you feel.

  6. Not as smooth as Britney Spears latest posting.

  7. Barney updates this tune masterfully. I also love the 800Rb with Goliath II’s rig. mmm

    • Are those Goliath’s or Eden’s? They logo’s look like Edens and the horns looked gold in one shot… hard to tell with the quality of the video. I used to play two of them. Of all the cabs that I have owned/played, they were my favorite, until I got my Bergantino HT322 :-)

  8. the bass guitar….. as a guitarist for 45 yrs.( please don’t start throwing the stones). I have played bass in about 15 of the 50 bands I was in. and in final home studio recordings, leaving posthumously I have a great love of bass, for it is very hard to play well. guitarest have no idea of the percussion element. sometimes I feel a drummer would do better at addapting to this insturment. and following the bass drum not so easy when focused on, your fills , bass riffs and syncopation are a true art form. guitar has lost a lot of style with speed, arpegios, and hammerons. a cookie cutter, wherein bass truly has style. rock on bass dudes.

  9. “Is there gas in the car?” – “Yes, there’s gas in the car…”

  10. This is probably the best live version of Kid Charlemagne I’ve ever listened to.

  11. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout!

  12. What a killer groove, they make it look so easy…

  13. Real nice low end… Not so sure about the change of the backing vocal rhythms, but I guess you can’t argue anything with Fagen and Becker!

  14. Tom is certainly right “in the pocket”… and that drummer is really tearin’ it up, too!